Flexible Metal Nose Bridge Strips - Fusible Adhesive - 3.5" x 3/16" - 89mm x 5mm - Fusible and Washable - Aluminum

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These are soft flexible metal nose wires 3.5" long, no sharp edges to poke you. Rust resistant 100% aluminum. I have bent these and many times and they do not break easily.

They are fusible meaning you can fuse them to fabric with your iron. Just like fusible interfacing but be careful not to touch the nose bridge until they cool down, metal gets hot. 

See photos this fused to some cotton poplin fabric. Repeated washing may loosen the adhesion, I have not been able to perform prolonged testing, but it seems to hold up in my initial tests. 

Fusing Instructions

  1. Turn iron to hottest setting (cotton/linen) and let warm up.
  2. Place nose bridge in place and flip fabric over so you are fusing from the fabric side.
  3. Press firmly over nose bridge, do not move back and forth just press.
  4. After a minute remove iron and do not touch nose bridge or mask. Let cool in place, if you move the adhesive while it's cooling it will not adhere as well.

Effectiveness and durability depends on adhesive being 100% melted so be sure to use a hot iron and press for long enough to melt adhesive. 

You can also sew into a channel. I have washed a number of times and adhesive has help up but adhesive will probably not last forever, no adhesive will. 

Washing & Application Information Update - July 17 

I have officially washed a few of these 10 times. Here are some notes:

- Most of them have held up very well. A few of them have some lifting at the corners. None show signs of rust. 

- The adhesive will likely not last forever as I don't think any would. The ones the started to lift at the corner I actually just adhered the corner with super glue and they were fine.

- I haven't personally had any breakage but I have heard from customers of them breaking in the wash. I don't know the exact cycle setting so do wash your mask on a gentle cycle in a wash bag and don't wash with any heavy bulking items that will batter it Another solution is not fusing & a sewing a channel so you can take out for washing.

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