Cone Mills - Selvedge Stretch Denim - Rainbow Selvedge - Medium Indigo - 12.25 oz - 1/2 Yard

Cone Mills

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Vintage selvedge denim! This stretch denim has a very unique selvedge with the rainbow split on to either side it comes together at the seam to show a 6 colour rainbow.

This fabric is usually sew so the selvedge is straight against the outseam so it is visible when cuffs are turned up. This is easiest with straight leg patterns but any pattern can be adjusted. See last photo.

Some people also sew with the selvedge as the top edge of the pockets. Or use this finished edge in other projects.

Cone Mills selvage denim is woven on true vintage looms, using technology that is more than sixty years old. The slow production rate and lack of modern microprocessor controls, as well as the woven selvage, gives the fabric woven on these looms a unique character that cannot be duplicated on a modern weaving machine. These same factors bring some inherent variables to the fabric that are as much a part of the denim as the woven selvage.

Dyed with genuine indigo. Indigo is special. It gives each product made from this fabric a one of a kind appearance that only gets better over time. Please use and wear with care. Indigo may rub off onto fabrics, leather and upholstery. Use caution until this product has been washed a few times.

About 8-10% stretch.

Weight: 415 gsm / 12.25 oz.sq yd
Width: 31.5"

Fiber Content: 94/5/1 Cotton/Recycled Poly/Elastane

Priced per 1/2 yard. Cut in 1 continuous piece.

An order of 1 is = to 1/2 Yard
An order of 2 is = to 1 Yard

Fabric is not pre-cut. Multiples are given one continuous piece.

Order 1 for a 1/2 yard.

2 for 1 yard.

3 for 1.5 yards etc.

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